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    Maintained 23 lbs Weight Loss with the P3tolife Program

    Julie's Basic Stats

    • 52 years old
    • Did one 45-day round of hCG
    • 23 lbs lost in Phase 2

    Julie's Email to Rayzel:

    I was only able to complete about 2 weeks of the P3 program before all the life events and emotional toll became too great to continue.  However, my weight has been very stable even though I didn't finish the program. 

    Every morning I think the scale will start an irresistible climb towards my old weight, and I'll feel that old panic and despair, but it doesn't happen. I'm not particularly eating lightly, or eating low carb every day.  I cut back when I feel I can, and I eat flour or sugar if I can't resist, but I don't stress about it and binge out of despair.  I know my weight will adjust, so there's nothing to freak out about.

    I'm more about to put down the fork than I used to be, and I've been more self-aware about my evening eating.  I realized that I eat in the evening because I'm tired.  My willpower is at low ebb, I want the "lift" of carbs, I want to shut off my tired/sad/nervous brain by numbing it with food, and because eating gives me an "excuse" to sit down and stop working for once.

    I've been vaguely aware of some of this before, but since hCG, I have more clarity and slightly more ability to act instead of re-act in the evenings.  During the day, I have noticeably less interest in food and more awareness of fullness and satiety.

    Weighing every single day, and recording my weight in an app, is having a very good effect, and is something I never did before, fearing that to see the numbers would create despair and anxiety.  I still have to push myself to weigh each day, but it's really turned into a benefit.

    According to my app Happy Scale, I've now weighed in over 100 times. 🙂

    Despite the fact that I couldn't complete the P3 program, I credit that with a great deal of my present stable weight.

    If not for P3toLife, I would have been eating wildly from the first day of P3, uncertain of how to eat and going immediately back to my awful evening ice cream habit.

    P3tolife gave me a structure which I really needed, and the dishes I tried were so good!

    Jun 2, 2017