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    Bev’s Basic Stats:

    • First round was a five-week round at the end of 2012 where she lost 28.4 pounds.
    • This round she lost 20 lbs on P2 and lost another 4.2 lbs in the P3tolife program

    What were your biggest concerns when contemplating going into P3?

    It’s always a worry because you can’t wait to eat 'normally' after the diet phase and although the advice given is to eat anything except starches and sugars this does not pan out well for most people.

    We tend to take this advice and use it to justify overeating. The first few days it is easier to hold back a bit as we are used to not eating a lot but it doesn’t take long to start eating too much too soon

    If you were to explain to an hCGer in just a few sentences why the P3 program has been valuable to you, what would you tell them?

    The best part of P3tolife is having a structured plan to follow and also the fact that the food plan is so tasty and satiating. It gave a wonderful base of recipes that can be used in the future as staples.

    A lot of recipes found when searching on the internet for sugar-free and starch free meals have way too much almond flour and fats which throw stabilization out of kilter in the early weeks

    What did the P3 program provide to you that you feel like you didn't have before without it in past Phase 3s?

    It provided a great guideline while at the same time showing flexibility for individual needs. I love making two or three servings of something and having leftovers for lunches or dinners the next night.

    I also found that my husband enjoyed the meals as well so it makes everything easier. Most exciting of all it provided stabilization with great enjoyment and no effort required

    How did you end up following the program - did you do the original plan, the simplified, or build your own meal plan or just tweaks to one of these? Can you give a few details of how you utilized the program and tailored it to yourself and your circumstances?

    The first week of Phase 3 I followed the original plan to the letter but some than from the second week I sometimes I had coconut yogurt and berries for breakfasts (my favorite!) instead of the breakfasts in the plan. I also added berries on top of the chocolate chia puddings and in the mug cakes and actually I used these two recipes every week as I love them so much.

    I also love having a batch of cauliflower and pork fritters in the fridge for snacks. I followed your tip about getting pork sausages from a wholefoods butcher instead of ground pork, and my butcher made me some pork and fennel sausages and he said he just used a small amount of soy protein as a binder-so yummy.

    I also used full fat coconut milk from a can (organic with no thickeners and bhp free cans), or fresh hazelnut milk in glass bottles (no thickeners or flavorings added) from a wholefoods shop, as I don’t like UHT cartons due to the linings in the cartons. This was no problem for me weight-wise

    Did you have to do any correction days during P3 this time and if so, what do you think was the cause and how did your correction day(s) go?

    Absolutely no correction days and in fact overall I finished up 4.2 pounds under my weight to maintain (as at the beginning of week 5 of finishing the diet phase). It was such a breeze. I did discover that after having a mug cake I always go up around .6 of a pound the next day and it disappears the following day.

    After seeing your tip on drinking lots of water when having a mug cake I stopped worrying about it as I feel it is just all the fibre holding the water and it comes off the  following day(Happens every time to me)

    Can you share your tangible results from following the P3tolife program? - How your weight has been, while following the P3 program?

    I originally lost 28.4 pounds in a five-week round at the end of 2012. I started a second round early 2013 and my Dad passed away very unexpectedly whilst I was in the middle of it.

    I finished the round early but found it very difficult with traveling away for several weeks and having so many relatives and friends visiting constantly and bringing food and the shock of my Dads death. It was not a time to be preparing my own meals so I just went with the flow while trying to be careful.

    I tried several times after this and although I never gained any of the original 28.4 pounds I did lose and gain an extra 20pounds several times. Interesting how the original weight never returned as I did do the follow up correctly the first round and it seemed to set this weight in my body.

    This time I lost the same 20pounds (for the last time )and am happy with myself and feel that this will stay off as the stabilization has been miraculously easy and seems to have set a new number in my body. Yay no more rounds to “not look forward to"

    How did you feel about the portion sizes & taste of the P3 meals? Did the portions and taste of the food make any difference in how you felt about eating/relationship with food while on p3? If you still felt hungry, how did you adapt it to add calories?

    I loved the taste of all the meals and found that most meals that were designed for two servings would be sufficient for three meals (Normally as lunches) I realized that in past attempts I had eaten too much too soon.

    I felt your meals were so satisfying due to all the flavors and although I used herbs and spices in the past I have a newfound interest in using and combining them to make meals more interesting.

    I never once felt hungry which is also a new experience for me- in fact after watching your videos I am sure I previously ate for reasons other than hunger.

    I occasionally have a cup of hot fresh hazelnut milk or almond milk and add vanilla or coffee to it in the afternoon (winter time here and it is very filling and warming) your videos are amazing and I am not sure if you are aware just how amazing and helpful they are!

    I know you will get so many people learning valuable lessons about their eating/relationship with food from watching them

    Can you share a little about your personal life- ie work full time/part time, kids or hubby or school? Would love to hear how you made the logistics work of cooking the program with whatever time constraints you deal with. How did you manage to fit in preparing the meals with your schedule each week?

    We have our own business which is staffed and I only work three evenings over the weekend. I have a husband and two dogs. I don’t really have time constraints and the only time I plan ahead is towards the weekend where I make sure I have some extra meals available to save time when working.

    I was inspired by your instant pot video and recently purchased one and absolutely love it-Also I could clear cupboard space by donating my Slow cooker crockpot, Pressure Cooker and Cast Iron Casserole dish to a charity shop

    Have you struggled on past p3's and if so what were your struggles? Did the P3 program help address these struggles/how so?

    The first P3 I did in 2012 was fine although I did have a few small ups but I didn’t have any problem keeping the lost weight off. Subsequent rounds I felt I followed P3 properly but in hindsight, I ate too much trying to get flavor/satisfaction and in the mistaken belief that I could eat anything I liked except starches and sugars.

    I also think that I didn’t allow in subsequent rounds for eating less when I got smaller and continued to eat the same volume as when I was heavier. Your meal plan is invaluable in providing volume and yet we don’t gain lost weight back.

    Also, I watched your tutorial videos while in the diet phase as a distraction so I was fully armed with so much information and wasn’t diving in and guessing from day one of P3

    Were there any positive results from following the plan that surprised you that you weren't expecting? Have you learned anything new from the program?

    Yes-going down another 4.2 pounds which I did not expect as I was eating so much. I also very rarely feel like snacks now as the meals are so satisfying but I do keep some bacon egg cups or cauliflower pork fritters on hand for snacks and also use them for quick lunches.

    I have learned so much from your videos and at the risk of being repetitive, I just have to keep repeating how valuable they are!

    What were one or two of your favourite recipes in the plan?

    Bacon Egg Cups, Cauliflower Pork Fritters, Chocolate Chia Puddings, Mug Cakes (These are all weekly staples for me).

    Also really love the Indian Curry with Roasted Cauli and Purple Onion

    Any other closing thoughts that you want to share about your experience with the program, or that might help others considering whether or not to give it a try?

    This is such an amazing plan as it is not just a bunch of wonderful recipes. The amount of time you have put into it must be incredible and you should be so proud of your achievement.

    The tutorial videos are so realistic and honest and I feel that is why we relate to them so well. Sharing your hCG journey is a brave move and to see how you managed to overcome issues that so many of us relate to is very inspiring.

    I can’t wait to see your next additions to the program. You deserve every cent that you charge for the program and it is fantastic value for money. I wish you all the best with it and hope many more people take up the offer and learn such valuable life lessons as it spills into other areas as well as weight loss and maintenance

    What type of hCG did you use?

    I used homeopathic drops (Have not heard of injections being available in my country)