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    How to Use P3tolife

    1. You can access all the PDFs with recipes, grocery lists, and weekly meal plans here.

    You will need to download these documents to follow the exact P3toLife plan if that is what you choose.

    2. You can access online versions of all P3toLife recipes as well- please note however that these are meant more to be used when you simply want to select 1 recipe to cook, or while consulting the P3 Meal Plan PDF's, you might choose to then access some of the schedules recipes online here in order to adjust serving sizes etc.

    For following the P3tolife Program as intended, utilize the Full Calorie P3tolife Recipes here:

    We also have Low Calorie versions of the P3tolife Recipes that are intended to be used when you'd like to work at your own additional weight loss here and there, or if you'd like to do a correction week if you had a recent weight gain, things like that. It's just handy!

    3. You can also adjust the servings of the recipes by adjusting the slider on the top of the recipe box


    4. Be sure to find all the additional support under Home

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