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    Free Phase 3 hCG Diet Food List!

    Free Phase 3 (P3) hCG Diet Food List:

    148 foods you can eat during P3 of the HCG Protocol (Plus 67 foods to avoid)

    I’ve added few more Phase 3 tips below, but first, your P3 foods list!

    The P3 Foods List has a breakdown by these 3 categories:

    1. Safe foods for Phase 3
    2. Maybe foods for Phase 3
    3. Unsafe foods for Phase 3

    Why Safe and Maybe? Because there are some foods and ingredients that some can get away with on P3, while for others, these foods will cause gains. OR the food may be fine in a small amount, but in a larger serving size, often causes problems for ladies. So I put these types of foods on the “maybe” list so you know in advance what ingredients to be more cautious with, or, if you want to be perfectly safe, leave them out till Phase 4.

    Get the FREE P3 Foods List here or click on this photo:

    free phase 3 p3 hcg diet food list

    The number 1 tip for successful stabilization on the Phase 3 (P3) hCG Diet? Increasing your daily calorie intake GRADUALLY.


    1. For 3 weeks following Phase 2, do not eat sugars or starches
    2. Keep your weight within 2 lbs* of your LDW
    3. If your weight goes above this, do a Steak Day
    4. If your weight goes above the 2lb window, start the three week P3 period over again.


    What does no starches and no sugars mean?

    Basically we’re going low carb here.  There are either starches or sugars in: Grains, Beans, Fruit, and Starchy Veggies.

    If in doubt, leave it out.  You will be so glad you did this later.

    What’s definitely out:
    • All grains: Or what we consider to be grains because they have carbs (ie. wheat, couscous, rice even brown, barley, corn (tortillas, chips etc), quinoa, etc.  It doesn’t matter if it’s sprouted (example Ezekiel bread- this contains 11-12 grams of net carbs per slice still – too high for P3 in my opinion).  We can’t think about food from other diet perspectives, we have to think about it from an hCG  perspective.
    • Starchy veggies:  Things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, peas, winter squashes (these can be okay in ½-¾ cup amounts). Other ex. root vegetable chips, no.  Sorry!
    • Fruits: Some low sugar fruits like the berry family can usually be gotten away with like 1/2 cup in a smoothie, but I’d avoid most other fruits myself- fruits are high in natural fructose sugar still – not good for Phase 3 purposes.  Some people do keep in the P2 fruits in P3 but I would say the vast majority run into trouble keeping fruits in.
    • Beans: beans.  Frijoles.  Whatever you want to call them – make your chili without beans.
    • Hidden Carbs:
      • Milk – 12 grams of carbs/sugar in 1 cup of milk actually.  Doesn’t mean you can’t have any dairy, but be aware of the type of dairy and check labels.
      • Nuts – There are 20 grams of carbs in 1 cup of almonds. Doesn’t mean you can’t have them, but amounts and their resulting carb level (1/4 cup – 5 grams carbs – much better!) matter.

    What if you still aren’t sure if something is a starch or carb?

    Check the both the sugar and carb count on the actual nutrition label always. Labeling can be misleading and reading the nutrition facts and ingredients can quickly help you see what’s REALLY in there.

    As you can see then, you won’t be just eating more of P2 foods in Phase 3. And thank goodness! I’m sure you’ve had enough of those already. Not that you can’t still eat these foods of course, but really in most cases, removing most fruits from the equation is in your best interests.

    For a more guided P3, here’s a FREE P3 Foods List for ya! Know what’s SAFE, ‘MAYBE’ and NON-P3 Foods in this quick guide…

    free phase 3 p3 hcg diet food list

    Once you’ve entered, the P3 Foods List will be on its merry way to your email!

    Any trouble? Just email us at hcgchica@hcgchica.com and we’ll get you patched up.

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